Pathfinder: All Hell

Event 30

After rescuing spike the hedghog and killing the witch they speak to the queen and gain a new companion – her daughter.

Event 29

Inside the Pyramid they face off against Golumns, alien monsters and evil witches trying to summon Taresques!

Event 28

The heroes seek and find the Yeti and chase it to the Pyramid. They split up and enter from two directions.

Event 27

The heroes head north to the island of Last Stand. They meet the Hell Knights, the Queen and the creepy Karagan Lord amongst others. They are sent to the Grove to find out why the island has gone dark.

Event 26

The assassin gains a calistrian companion and is tasked with killing the fallen herald of calistria.
The heroes try to kill the local lord ( a devil and a slaver) but miss him. They do however stumble upon a feasting hall and pub where Cayden Cailean, Iomedae and Pharasma are partying.

Event 25

Because the Druid Carrion has lost all his gear due to the wild magic, the heroes go to the city of malbundi where Hawthorne chooses to visit the cathedral of Sarenrae. the heroes clear it of the twisted cult that had taken root.

Event 24

They then teleport north again and head to the haunted Ice harbor. The crazy wild magic in the area caused an old companion to journey to them – the etin cleric Hawthorne.

Journeying south from the ice harbor the group find a long diseased dragon and have to kill it before they find the source of the wild magic and a great stone circle surrounding the second rift.

After closing the second rift the the heroes are gifted by Torag with weapons fit for the Gods.

Event 23

Despite lethal traps and party fatalities the group make it to the end and the druid Carrion kills himself.

They find the Night Throne and use it to break the contracts Asmodeus has on the other Gods. He’s pissed off, but cannot act against the Druid directly.

Event 22

The Players return to the Jungles and free the angel from the ruined Pyramid there before descending into the safe house in search of the Night Throne.

Event 21

Teleporting back to the druids grove the group head to Giants run in search of the storm giant Fasolt Maltheuas. Fasolt confirms much of the stories they have heard and directs them to a hidden safe house in the Karag Jungles, where he and his brother hid the Night Throne an ancient Karigan artifact.

As the payers leave Giants run is attacked by the armies of Morik Scar and a Dragon and the Pyramid teleports away.


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