Pathfinder: All Hell

Event 20

So this is heaven? Lets get drunk!
Meeting Pharasma and an inquisitor joins the group.

Event 19

Talking to our Karigan Wizard mate leads to a seven headed demon.
Flee to the the Volcano, big mistake
A desperate escape leads to the sacrifice of one to save the many.

Event 18
A Bat out a Hell (well out of the jungle)

That’s a lot of wasps… RUN!

Event 17

Tree port to the petrified forest
The Petrified city
Welcome to the city of Joy

Event 16

Exploration of Mud City and the Journey North

Event 15

The battle with the Verbogen and revelations thought lost in history

Event 14

Journey to Mud City and the Grove of Eternal Dreaming
Escape from the Eternal Dream

Event 13

Exiting the building the group travel to the rear of the temple to face the huge Rift in reality leading into the Demon hells.

The Rift is apparently held open by two obelisks, one on each side of the portal. The black stone of these two towers are inscribed by dark demonic runes and power crackles over them.

Carrion the druid descends into the earth below the obelisk in this realm where he tries to destroy its foundations and make it topple, but he finds it descends deep into the earth towards the World Eater

Event 12

The group approaches the temple of the sword of the heavens, which is literally a sword plunged into the heart of the earth so large that the hilt and grip are the temple itself. The temple rests upon the crest of a mountain overlooking the wastelands to the west. Immediately surrounding the temple is the Rift Guard, a group of powerful Demons whose sole task is to keep the rift open. However the Rifts have not been attacked in decades and discipline is lax.

Around the rift are a number of metal cages, each 100 feet a side and separated internally into levels just 3 feet high and packed solid with human captives. There are 3 in the immediate area.

The heroes approach cautiously and prepare an assault with care summoning a powerful T-Rex dinosaur as a diversion so they can infiltrate the temple. The attack commenced and the demons at first disorganised defence meant the heroes Talathel and Grimbeard entered the temple unopposed. Outside a cloud of deadly magic was released killing many lesser demons and captives.

In side the temple a Succubus called Nari, guards and observes the chained holy symbol of Sarenrae that floats in a column of sunlight in the center of the temple. The long fight comes to a natural lul when the heroes manage to kill Nari and prevent a Balor from teleporting into the chamber. Grimbeared manages, just, to read the scroll which shatter’s the chains and rededicated the temple. Once this happens the shining light envelops Grimbeard and he feels the power of his Goddess flood into him readying him to face his next trial.

Event 11

The treasure hunters escape near death once more as the pocket dimension collapses about them, but the strong will of the Druid Carrion gets most of them safely home using the amulet of the planes. They quickly conclude that Morik Scar must have sent them into that death trap deliberately and that all bets are off.

Before they can face Morik Scar they decide to complete the Paladin’s quest to rededicate the Temple of the sword of the heavens to Sarenrae. This has to be done every 100 years or the sleeping evil – The World Eater – contained under the temple will awaken. Ignoring my carefully crafted adventure the rascals tree port from one side of the lad to the other. They overshoot the mountains and end up in the Grass lands to the east.

These lands though suffer less from the Demonic influence are wild and fierce, the group is immediately attacked by a group of plains Elves of the Powhatan Tribe and a battle between champions of the two groups ends with death of the female elf Kanza. The Druid Carrion resurrects her and a feast is held in their honour, but it ends badly when the Elf is reborn as a half fiend.

The adventurers and the Kanza head west into the mountains to avoid a fight with the tribes and soon the land itself becomes tainted and patrolled by powerful Demons. As the group walked further west the taint poisoning the land became more noticeable and any with the taint running through their blood could sense it like a weight dragging at them. As they approached a great clap of thunder occurred and Balthazar appeared in the sky hurtling towards the ground and under attack from a vicious four armed Vrolikai demon wielding obsidian level draining knives.

After some quick thinking the heroes save Balthazar’s life and together they head further into the mountains. Where they run into a Glabrezu, Kalavakus and vrocks guarding the passage west. Strangely the Demons seemed to expect the heroes and offered to talk, but not giving an inch the heroes start a fight and despite some damage the they kill everything bar the Glabrezu which escapes to the army at the temple


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