Pathfinder: All Hell

Event 10 - The two Kings
Fasolt the Wise and Balfor the Mad

It is at this point the ex-paladin Grimbeard arrives having been absent while he dedicated himself to his new Goddess. After hearing from the people of Edge where the rest of his group were going he had Uncle Travinor teleport him north.

Travinor also gave him the name of a Giant, Fasolt Maltheuas, who lived just outside of Giants Run in another Pyramid and might be able to help. Fasolt revealed to Grimbeard that there was no weapon stored in Gorgon Tower and explained a bit about the Giant Gangs and how the Fire Giants in particular were allied to Morik Scar back during the Dragon Shaman wars. He also suggested that there was a tomb where Mad Balfor was imprisoned inside Gorgon tower and to enter would mean eternal imprisonment or certain death, if they were lucky they could escape by freeing Balfor.

Grimbeard arrives on the scene literally just after the rest of his companions enter into Balfor’s prison and rushes to their rescue.

The prison of Balfor is a pocket dimension where time runs in odd ways and Grimbeard rapidly meets up with the rest of the group. Together they find a way out but disrupt the old magic of the place causing the pocket dimension to collapse and its only through desperate use of an amulet of the planes that they escape (bar the monk and Mage Balfazar who are lost for a while). While in Balfor’s prison the group work together and kill the mad giant.

Event 9 - The Giants Run
In which quests are given

The heroes rest and loot the manor house before returning to Edge.

While in Edge the Paladin Grimbeard chooses to formally abandon his God Abadar and change his faith to follow Sarenrae, the Dawnflower. The God Abadar sends his herald, The Lawgiver who strips Grimbeard of his Paladin powers and as this happens a few eagle eyed adventurers notice a black metal collar bearing the symbol of Asmodeus around the Lawgivers neck.

Hawthorne of Sarenrae offers to accept Grimbeard into his church but requires an act to prove his devotion to the Goddess. Hawthorne issues a quest – Journey to Bear mountain in the far east where Grimbeard must read the holy scrolls of dawns light within the Temple of the sword of the heavens found there.

Background – Grimbeard is told the Tale of the Death of the World Eater.

However before this trip can occur the adventurers are called upon by Morik Scar who summons the adventurers with his his battle parrot (a 6 foot tall colorful bird) (it really was…). Morik Scar freshly victorious from the battle against the Dragon Shaman meets them at the manor house and explained he has heard his enemies have a weapon stored in Giants Run designed expressly to be used against him should he escape. Morik Scar lacks the time needed to go himself because of the battle he must wage here against the Dragon Shaman, so he asks his close allies to go on his behalf.

Morik Scar asked the heroes to journey north and retrieve or destroy the weapon before the Dragon Shamans reach it. Fortunately, he tells them, the Giants have suffered centuries of civil war and descended into a number of warring gangs which gives the adventurers a chance to get in and grab the weapon. Morik Scar tells them that he has some loose contacts with the Fire Giants who have gained control of the cities government building called Gorgon Tower.

The ballsy heroes agree to a trip to Giants Run and are lead their by the battle parrot into the heart of the city (sigh, what’s wrong with a Jungle Eagle?). So the Parrot takes them to Gorgon tower and hands them over to the Fire Axe Vipers, a gang found there. They are apparently unable to speak Giantish at this time so don’t know exactly what was said to the Giants by the parrot.

The Giants lead them to where the adventurers are told the weapon is stored (and guarded by powerful traps). They Enter and pass through a number of deadly and painful traps which nearly kill them and successfully drain away some of their best skills.

Event 8 - Freedom for Morik Scar
Poor poor Storm King

Morik Scar agreed to help the adventurers by uniting the Goblin tribes and and destroying the Demons that had taken control over the tribe Morakar-Val, he would then allow them access to the Giants Ark. However before that was possible Morik Scar needed a curse removed that was binding him to the prison of this manor house. The heart of this curse was a magical stone deep below the house that he could not approach. To prevent any double dealing and cement trust Morik Scar and Talathel Daechir made a blood oath using powerful Dragon Shaman magic. Morik Scar would allow the adventurers access to the Giants Ark if freed and Talathel would not be able to attack Morik Scar. If either broke this oath they would die in a most painful manner.

The release of Morik Scar was only possible by the heroes retrieval of a key from a nearby Goblin village – the adventurers left the manor house and sneak into the village and attempt to steal the key without raising the alarm.

Fortunately for the thieves, the Dragon Shamans and the people they are supposed to look after have degenerated to such a degree that the goblin villagers don’t remember exactly what it is they are guarding, let alone guard it properly. They almost manage it but the Goblins alert Drash Malakfar a Stone Giant Dragon Shaman who arrives upon the Great Green Dragon Gorthre.

Despite being found by the Giant and Dragon they manage to talk their way out of being imprisoned or Killed (blatant lying to the Giant about Morik Scar I think) by promising to leave. Instead they steal the key needed to access the chambers below the manor house, try to poison the entire village before fleeing from the angry Dragon back to the manor house. It seemed like a good idea at the time…

Once at the house they talk to Morik Scar again, who directs them to descend into a cavern under the house where he cannot tread because of the magic that binds him and fight a Dragon guarding the only exit. Although he fails to mention the dragon, undead and traps they would encounter.

After a quick fight the dragon yields rather than being killed and the adventurers progress through a series of deadly traps, fighting undead guardian giant skeletons and fire breathing statues to find a magical stone hidden in a trap by accident that I figured they would never find… I’m sure someone died here.

They return this stone to Morik Scar who absorbs its power – Its a stone that contains all of the life and energy of the region and was created by the Dragon Shamans to enhance their druidic powers a thousand fold. The stone contained the power stripped from him by the victorious Dragon Shamans and then used to bind him in his prison, Morik Scar grows and regenerates, great draconic wings spread from his back and great power flows through his body once more. The Goblin Prince, once more a fully powered Dragon Shaman leaves his prison and rises into the sky to do battle with the Dragon Gorthre and the Dragon Shaman Malakfar.

Event 7 - a vile little creature
Is this a good idea?

Escaping the tunnel the group emerge into the prison of Morik Scar, a grand but dilapidated fortified manor house. This arcanely preserved architectural wonder left to decay after the fall of the Empire of the Karigan Lords, was occupied several hundred years ago by the Dragon Shamans.

The Dragon Shamans are a group of once powerful Druids that maintained the balance in the southern lands and sought to prevent the rise of another despot nation like the Karigan Lords. One of their most gifted shamans Morik Scar saw a different way – one where the Dragon Shamans could forge a greater nation than had come before them. This eventually lead to a great civil war as the Dragon Shamans turned on each other until eventually with the aid of the Storm King of Giants Run Morik Scar’s armies were defeated. Unfortunately by this time he had become so powerful that the best the remaining Dragon Shamans could do was imprison him.

The heroes explore the manor house and find Morik Scar (playing a magical harpsichord), a vile little creature visibly decaying and yet seemingly immortal and oddly cultured for a Goblin. Despite the disgust this creature causes by its appearance and the rotting corpses that are found in his chambers the group agrees to Morik Scar’s proposal – they will free him from his prison and in exchange he would lead an army against the Demons in the Jungle and allow the adventurers to raid the Giants Ark.

Event 6 - Gnomes and Goblins
What is a Gripplis?

After getting rid of some loot in Edge, the adventures continue the delve deep into the jungle heading south from the pyramid and find a helpful Gnome Alchemist named Grobe the Fleet who appears to be studying the Goblin tribes. Grobe advises that they seek help to get into the Demon controlled lands of the Morakar-Val Goblin tribe.

Grobe explained that the Goblin infested Karag jungle has been divided into three territories by the Goblins who squabble over the ruins of the long lost Karigan Empire that litter the jungle floor. The three tribes have been at war since the Goblin prince Morik Scar of the tribe Plee’drel was imprisoned by the Dragon Shamans. Kalgribber tribe is made up of Goblins and the slave race of Gripplis, they are known to master nature magic and poisons. The Pleee’drel tribe are Dinosaur riders and intermingle heavily with hob-goblins, orcs, ogres and trolls from the far west. The Morakar-Val tribe have long suffered from taint and since the Demonic invasion of this land have been more demon than goblin.

Grobe recommended they do not enter the lands of the Morakar-Val tribe without a guide and suggests they seek the dethroned Goblin prince Morik Scar of the Plee’drel to help them take down the Demon Goblins.

This sounding like good advice the intrepid explorers follow the route given and find a tunnel where Jace Morn is killed and unexpectedly transformed into a Half Dragon during the druid Carions reincarnation spell.

Event 5 - Into the Karag Jungle
Imprisoned Angels and Dragons

After some rest the adventurers journey through the jungle and guided by Carions magic they find an ancient stone Pyramid of exceptional size. Chained to the southern edge of the pyramid is a Bardic Lillend named Gaederal who had been Imprisoned by a Barghyst King called Bask Martkir of the clan Morakar-Val. Gaederal is being assaulted by three Barghyst Demons and the heroes lay into them. A short battle later and with a little help from some bardic music they are victorious.

Gaederal explains she was sent to scout the world when the temples of Desna started going quiet. Shocked to discover the Demonic hosts that were flooding into the world she tried to find the source of the madness but was trapped by Bask Martkir and prevented from finishing her mission. The adventurers attempt to free her but find it is beyond their means and the only option they have remaining is to confront Bask Martkir.

Turning to the Pyramid, which is an ancient structure crafted by magics long forgotten, they find imprisoned within it was the ancient Archmage Balthazar of the long lost Karigan Lords. Balthazar had been trapped in his own temporal magic whilst battling a powerful Dragon sent to assassinate him. The treasure hunters broke the magic as they entered and both archmage and dragon were freed to continue the battle. Despite most of his power having been worn away by the hundreds of years of imprisonment in the temporal rift, Balthazar was still a powerful mage and with the aid of the heroes they defeat the dragon.

Event 4 - The Temple of Last Hope
or the paper knife chronicles

The battle rages and despite toxic cloud killing spells and stampeding giant undead mammoths the heroes prevail. The Rakkasah Rajkumari escaped but the group had the loot and murdered the caravan leader Grex Bloodyhand. As the battle with Bloodyhand ends and the slaves are rescued and Talathel Daechir the groups assassin also picks up a magical paper knife of note later in the campaign.

The bandit adventurers return to the twin fortress and make contact with the First Master Faust of the Black Temple of Asmodeus to sell the loot they found and get some fancy new gear. They then continued their journey south to the edge of a huge crater in the ground filled with the Goblin infested Karag Jungle. Here they find whilst searching for a safe way to descend the cliff a small settlement, nicknamed “Edge”.

Edge is home to a few hardy souls – Hawthorne an Ettin and the Last Cleric of Sarenrae living in the temple of hope – Uncle Travinor a mysterious Gunslinger and powerful Mage living in a crooked tower leaning over the cliff edge, a few village houses and a friendly inn called the Lost Edge.

Inside the temple of last hope floats a powerful scroll in a column of eternal sunlight, which prophecy suggests will be read by the people that will save this world from the demonic invaders and purify the lands. However despite being given the chance none of the “heroes” successfully read it and you typically only ever get one chance at this sort of thing. They do get a bit of information from the locals about the jungles and the history of the world however and the paladin of Abadar is given Sarenrae’s holy works of The Birth of Light and Truth.

Event 3 - I hate that Vrock
Are they Heroes or Bandits?

The adventurers leave Malbudi; they are disgusted by the inaction of the church and the authorities turned hostile after the hasty attempt by the druid Carrion to get them to act against the Vrock. Carrion failed to get their support, but discovered who runs the fortress. They avoid the unknown undercity routes and instead take the dangerous but direct bridge across the Scared River into the ruined undead infested southern fortress.

The southern fortress is a massive ruin warped and twisted by the fell demonic magics that destroyed it. Its not inhabited by any friendly creatures.

They pass through a number of ghoul filled tunnels In the southern ruins and cause a massive tunnel fire in the process which collapses a number of the tunnels before climbing to the roof where they fought the Vrock a second time only to see it escape again, challenging them to fight it once more in the Giants Run.

Not knowing where Giants Run is the group choose to continue their original mission and travel south west through the poisoned thorn fields of the wastelands.

Several days to the south west along the only road they encountered a merchant caravan run by Grex Bloodyhand (an Ogre Mage) and Rakshasi Warrior Mage named Abhaya Rajkumari. The caravan of undead giant mammoths guarded by ogres controlled by intelligence enhancing slave collars was quickly attacked by the adventurers and a mighty battle was started.

Event 2 - Its a hell of a world
Exploring and wondering what the hell happened

Traveling across the mostly uninhabited abandoned farmlands of the fallen Rose Kingdom, the adventurers narrowly make it to (avoiding nocturnal attack by wondering Demons) the shattered remains of the once great Twin Fortresses of Draksiss a few days south of Malbudi.

The northern fortress is a bastion of corrupted law and order, ruled over by the Mistress Alisa Malbudi an Erinyes of great power and reputation along with the masters of the shadow of the true Church of Abadar. The two often work together to defend the city from occasional Demonic attacks and to feed off the hope of the cities people. The Church of Abadar is blatantly corrupt and cares nothing for the spirit of law but obsessive about maintaining the laws that allow them to live lives of luxury. Meanwhile the Church of Asmodeus holds sway in the dark Under City which is found running under the two fortresses.

Here the adventurers made contact with a disenfranchised Paladin of Abadar and lost the services of the Necromancer Valfashnizk that had accompanied them from Malbudi. But first the North Fortress is attacked by a Vrock Tarigwydin the Upstart that demanded the city provide slaves; The city authorities were content to let the beast have a few slaves and so the heroes stepped in and fought the Vrock. During the battle the Demon caused a massive sonic attack that caused widespread destruction and earned the ire of the city rulers. The small folk, despite dying in large numbers generally responded well to someone standing up to the monsters. However the Vrock escapes by magic before it can be brought low. Fortunately the druid Carrion manages to use a powerful spell to identify the Vrocks location in the fortress to the south of the river.

Event 1 - In the begining
The first game

The players are hired by Landrin Shark (a shadow broker) to collect a key to an ancient tomb recently discovered. They arrange to meet at a large gambling hall and hotel called Rose Belle that can be found in one of the safer city districts, Black Water, in the City of Malbudi.

The Tomb is described as being in the City of Malbudi, beneath the Cathedral of Sarenrae. Its thought to be the resting place of King Tukart and contain his worldly wealth. It is heavily protected, but fortunately the Key is easier to acquire – it is in the hands of a Stone Giant’s Ark deep in the Jungles to the South West.

With a rough idea of where to find the Key the adventurers start traveling south, through the tainted Waste Lands that is the shattered remains of the Rose Kingdom.


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